It is those confuzzling moments where I realize how much I really envy kids’ ‘just do it’ attitude.

Running after something they want, sometimes literally.
Asking about something they do not understand.
Being bothered by things not being a particular way and vocalizing it, loudly.

Growing up, I always wanted to meet the expectations of others. I was always so busy seeking recognition, that I neglected myself at times. I am indecisive, and sometimes complacent. I do not have any passion or ‘strong calling’ that I am aware of. I try to avoid confrontation and I tend to go with the majority.

I am repeatedly having these confuzzling moments in my 20s. I know these things about myself, but I have not been able to answer, “What do I want in life?”


MeetRhey is my personal blog dedicated to those who are told that the world was at their fingertips, but have no idea what to do with these opportunities. I hope to inspire personal growth by writing about my insight from exploring the world around us. I pick the minds of people who advocate for change. I engage with different community organizations who strive to make things better.  I post perspectives on the simple things with the potential for positive change.

I can only wish that by sharing, that I help even one person foster that ‘just do it’ attitude.

And just maybe, learn a little something about myself.