I am a self-proclaimed kid at heart.

Growing up was not a problem I thought of when I was wanting to play with the big kids at 5 years old. I did not realize at the time how much I would come to miss my child-like mindset.
One of the many things I admire about kids is that they just go for things without a second thought:

Running after something they want, sometimes literally.
Asking about something they do not understand.
Being bothered by things not being a particular way and vocalizing it, loudly.

As I have grown older, I realized how much I have wandered away from following my instincts. I have become indecisive and complacent. I have stopped being curious.

I believe that finding one’s inner ‘kid at heart’ is about embracing risks and opportunities in spite of potential judgment.


MeetRhey is my personal blog where I hope to inspire growth through child-like wonder. I pick the minds of people who advocate for change. I engage with different community organizations who strive to make things better.  I share perspectives on the simple things with the potential for positive change. Hoping to reach those who are needing that little tug.

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