Imagine #3: Nail CNC Machine

For those who are nail biters or value long fingernails, this potential invention would not be meant for you. Do you ever find yourself at an awkward angle when cutting your finger or toe nails? This challenge becomes even more difficult if you are not ambidextrous. Blessed are those who have the luxury of paying other people to do this tedious task. Even more frustrating at times, are when your clippers are so weak that they can barely cut the harden skin. Then, they just end up bending your nails.

When talking about these shared pains with a childhood friend, he had said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could just put our hands and feet in an auto-nail cutter machine?” When he had attempt to describe the idea, I thought of a machine that is often used to make intricate cuts into different materials. Just learned about it, the CNC machine. Combine this with a scanner and a person would never have to bend over backwards for their nails again!


Be Innovative!

Note: 1. The ‘Imagine’ series was inspired by a discussion with a friend about the present day definition for creativity.
2. These blog posts will be written to get readers thinking of ways to better every day life and spark discussion about change.
3. Thank you to Talha Sajun for the idea.



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