Discover Let Me Out, A Pop-Up Coming Out Story

We can not control the way in which we are perceived by others. What we can control is the way in which we respond to others’ perceptions of ourselves. ‘Coming out of the closet’ is no easy feet. Not knowing how others are to react to the public realization of a sexuality other than heterosexual can be scary.

Omid Razavi brings this skeleton unveiling to the forefront in his pop-up children’s book, Let Me Out. Paying homage to one of the LGBTQ’s many claimed icons, Badook, the beginning illustrations and wording seem to share the same eerie tone and style. However, this author noted how this ambience changes in an instant once the closet is opened – his favourite part.

Drawing from his own experience and understanding of this event, Razavi shared that “…this [book] was created to be a resource for those struggling to come out as well as to those struggling with their identity”.

To further extend his outreach efforts, he promised in his Kickstarter campaign that for every 10 copies of Let Me Out sold, one will be given, free of charge to an LGBTQ+ positive youth organization or library. In fact, prospective backers have the option to buy one and donate one as one of the rewards.

With less than two weeks left, he has already reached more than half of his goal of       $30 000. When asked about the feedback he received thus far regarding Let Me Out, he said, “[I am truly] driven by the online support that I have received. There is a movement of LGBTQ youth, especially in the trans community who have supported the book. Their posts are so confident and poised. I am thrilled and inspired every time I see what our future voices have to offer”. In addition to his own husband being one of his greatest supporters, it is clear to see that several people are looking to make this children’s book accessible to the masses – heterosexual and not.

Kickstarter Campaign:



Note: 1. Let Me Out was developed in Toronto, Ontario. (Canada)
2. Discovered through Kickstarter. 

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